Out of Province Inspection

Big O Tires Richmond is a licensed inspection station for Out of Province inspections in British Columbia.

We serve Richmond, BC, Delta, BC, Vancouver, BC, and surrounding areas. 

If your vehicle is registered outside of British Columbia, you’ll need to pass an Out of Province inspection before license plates can be issued.

How much is an OPP inspection: At Big O Tires Richmond , we’re able to inspect most cars for $39.95.

Who performs the OOP inspection: The OOP inspection is performed by a certified technician.

What gets inspected during the OOP inspection: The OOP inspection is a basic safety or mechanical fitness assessment. It include fuel and exhaust systems, all electrical, engine controls, powertrain, driveline, steering, suspension, braking systems, wiring and lights, tires, glass, wipers and defrosters. To pass, your vehicle must be maintained within Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards or wear tolerances.